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NELSON, BRITISH COLUMBIA – Vocalist and music producer JJ Watts (Jamie Joong Watts) pairs with rapper and producer Vs. (Matthew Richer-Miller) to bring us a new experimental music group called DEFIED. Their yet undefinable genre is inspired by producers like clams casino and james blake. DEFIED merges hip-hop with electronic music, layering rap verses and R&B melodies over bass-driven beats.

DEFIED's songs are filled with lyrical wordplay and catchy melodies. Vs. raps with fluency and attention to the art form, while JJ brings her rich melodic tones and unexpected flow. They produce original music, often collaborating with artists like prophet. and post-production work from Ayobudd.

In their first year of touring, DEFIED played Shambhala Music Festival and the FriendShip and has already shared the stage with Souls of Mischief and K-os.

Photo by Gemelya Fillion

Vs. is Matthew Richer-Miller

vocals, music production, lyrics

JJ Watts is Jamie Joong Watts

vocals, music production, visuals

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Title: Beast

Artist: DEFIED


live performance highlights

shambhala music festival 2023

metaphoenix art car, burning man 2023

souls of mischief opener, bloom nightclub

k-os opener, bloom nightclub

amf the friendship 2024, miami>>belize

whiteout 2024, the axis club, toronto

kinetic 046, the painted lady, toronto

January 2024 DEFIED is READY TO SHIP -- Check out

Photos by Gemelya Fillion